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Dr. Norman Quintero was born in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, on September 16, 1965.  He is an American citizen by virtue of his Puerto Rican birth.

Dr. Norman Quintero comes from very humble beginnings.  His mother was a single woman; he never had the chance to meet his biological father.  He was raised by his grandparents.  His grandfather was the community milkman and his grandmother ironed clothes for the neighbors.

Dr. Norman Quintero was born with many congenital conditions and faced many medical challenges including multiple surgeries at an early age.  His grandparents never gave up hope and worked hard to unleash Norman’s potential.  They did not let his medical condition and their financial limitations deter them from giving Norman a sound basis for success.

​Dr. Norman Quintero is a product of the American public-school system.  The dedication of his family and every one of his teachers made a difference and impact in his life.  It was his teachers’ willingness to bring the best out of each of their students that provided Norman an academic path to success.

Dr. Norman Quintero was admitted to the University of Puerto Rico at an early age.  He became Student Government President.  His leadership skills were recognized by local Puerto Rican politicians and resulted in many policy changes on behalf of university students. 

​Dr. Norman Quintero began delivering newspapers when he was 11 years-old.  His route included 80 of his neighbors.  In 1979, he was named “The Best Delivery Boy” on the island of Puerto Rico.  At 16 he started working for RGIS as an inventory clerk.  The income from those part time jobs, though small, helped him pay for transportation to the university. 

​Dr. Norman Quintero currently holds two doctorate degrees.  After graduation, he began working at the Puerto Rican Governor's Office.  He relocated to the State of Florida where he became a Real Estate Broker and a television and radio host and began serving as Pastor of a Non-Denominational Church.  After a difficult divorce, he received custody of his children and relocated to Texas, where he started his first church.

​Dr. Norman Quintero married his wife Gloria, who works at the Department of Defense with the Navy.  Together they are raising their children: Norman II, Gregory, Pablo, Hillary, Norman III, Karla, Jose, and Erick.  They are proud of their blended family, embrace their diversity, and promote inclusiveness.

​Dr. Norman Quintero practices Real Estate in the States of California and Florida and is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.  He is also a Mental Health Clinician in the State of California and works in a clinic in the City of Menifee.

Dr. Norman Quintero owns a number of radio and television stations.  He hosts a weekly television talk show that airs nationally on Hispanic television and radio networks.  He is also a senior pastor of a Hispanic church in Orange County, California.

Dr. Norman Quintero has initiated and continues to fund a number of programs to help families in need, including a food bank, a soup kitchen, a food program for the homeless, mental counseling services, and provides toys for children of low income families.  These programs help hundreds of individuals and families weekly.

​Dr. Norman Quintero’s life has not been easy.  It had a humble beginning, with medical challenges.  He believes that every challenge has provided him with the tools he needs to be a better father, husband, and man.  His success and businesses enable him to substantially help those in need.

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